VIDEO STILLS FROM "THE ADVENTURE", SOME ANIMATIONS AND OTHER SHORTS FROM INSTALLATIONS. Originally some of the video stills were working as studies for some future paintings that might still happen!


Guerrilla Film Fest, -Collaboration with 3 other students in Video Class, 2008

2008 Guerrilla Film Fest, completed in 2 days. Collaboration.

Solo/2-Artists Thesis Show- "THE VOYAGE OF INFINITE PARALLELS", 2010.

The project series, "THE SHEPHERD" in the exhibition, "THE VOYAGE OF INFINITE PARALLELS"
----Located in the Crossley Gallery on the Ringling College Campus in Sarasota, Fl. This was the slide show of a photograph series called, "The Shepherd", that also has some footage at the end of the puppet self-portrait head. The slideshow was projected in the gallery, almost taking up the entire wall.



Please note: there are 8 video posts total for this title post and that the videos are mp4(s) fitted for the blog, therefore they're slightly distorted, especially horizontally.
ISOLATION MAGIC", 2008 "ISOLATION MAGIC " Performance Documentation, 2008 I was also recording myself during the Performance and the video playing on the television is live footage streaming from the camera inside of the tent. This video was projected over myself and a mirror which reflected on the roof of the white fabric tent. LOCATION: Ringling College Campus
LOCATION: Ringling College Campus Documentation Video of the Installation/Performance/ Video piece, 2008 The Piece included 2 videos and 1 slideshow of photographs: A DVD playing on the television set and a video being projected on the performer that was sitting down in the tent. The slideshow of photographs was playing on a small screen that was attached to the performers back with acrylic. The performance was simple; a girl staring at the projector, no movement, doll-like/ like a sculpture. During the exhibition, "IMPLACABLE CREATURE", the girl was mistaken for a sculpture by several individuals. Audio included from two different sources: Lap top speakers and the tv set speakers. Materials: Fabric, string, television set with paper sculpture coming off the screen, acrylic glaze, costume, yarn for the performer's hair (doll-like), mirror and projector. This is the video that played on the television set that acted like an introduction for the performance/ installation. I covered the television set in colored paper and made a paper arm holding a voice amplifier that was attached to the television set, suggesting more of a stage than a monitor or that the puppet was coming out of the TV and yelling into the voice amplifier. This is the video that was projected onto the performer for the piece, "ISOLATION MAGIC FULL OF CIRCUS". A large mirror also reflected the video around on the inside of the tent. I was thinking about 'the spectacle' in art. SPECIAL THANKS TO-- Jenny Vu 2008
"DR. CREATURE'S INTERNAL SATELLITE EMERGENCY OPERATION ON CALL", 2007-2008 Project series included Sculptures, found objects, videos, photographs, TV set, cameras, animation, costume, make up, monitors, audio and a performance that took place in the exhibition "COSMIX", (2008) at the Bishop Planetarium in the South Florida Museum in Bradenton, Fl. I feel like the photographs are more important than what actually happened during the performance, unless you were a part of the present audience. Some of the following photographs are documentations of the performance, re-enactments of the performance, video stills, photograph and costume/ character studies for the body of work. The photographs suggest a lot of metaphors about self exploration and a lot about an unworldly personal symbolism, but basically what seems to be taking place is a strange sci-fi inspired operation of the sculpture.
This video is a documentation of the performance at the Planetarium. There were 3 different views of videos. Total there was 2 different videos. This video was the one projected over the performer, (myself) and the sculpture that was also a self-portrait. That same video was also projected at the same time on the front view (same side of the performance) of the large dome of the Planetarium. The second video was a stop motion animation with shrieking audio showing the progression/making of the self-portrait dummy/ puppet/ sculpture. The 'self puppet', also known as, "Mikaela-bot", included moving limbs, plaster casts made from my own body and a animatronic beating heart.