NEW YORK STUDIO PROGRAM, 2009: Video/ Installation/ Performance Piece

Please note: there are 2 videos posts total for this title post and that the videos are mp4(s) fitted for the blog, therefore they're slightly distorted, especially horizontally.
"THE ACCIDENT SERIES", 2009. Full page spread in International Contemporary Sculpture Magazine, Oct. issue 2010 for a Ringling College Ad. This video, "FRACTURED SKULL", played on a monitor in the gallery. The scans are real images of my skull when I got into a motorcycle accident and had severe internal bleeding. There was also another small monitor hanging on the same wall of the gallery space, which was screening a slide show of photographs documenting the performance. I prefer to view the photographs as photographs, not documentation. I think the photographs are more important than what actually took place during the performance. This video, "The Accident Performance", was projected onto a person in a suit, I was holding the projector.

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